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Adaman (see rules here)

The Story Goes...

You are the heir to the throne, but the monarch might live a very long time. You intend to speed things along, but it will only work if the majority of the populace in the kingdom back your play. You will need to buy, trick, or eliminate anyone who might stand in your way.

How to Play

Select cards from your Resources on the bottom row. These resources are used to eliminate the opposing members of the populace(outlined in red). You must select cards with a total rank equal to or higher than the target card and have at least 1 matching suit. You may also do the above on the blue bordered cards. If successful, that card will be added to your resources to be used later.

Winning the Game

You win if you can eliminate all 11 of the opposing populace members. When your resources are refilled, if an opposing populace member shows up, it is instead moved to the Palace. If six people make it into the Palace at the same time, you become assinated and lose the game.

The Palace People Remaining

The Capitol Cards Left in Deck

Your Resources Score: