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Gwommy's Particular Pointers

Al Bhed Language Converter

My first attempt at creating a script that converts English to Al Bhed and vise versa.

Al Bhed Language Converter 2

A slightly better version than the script mentioned above. This one will convert as you type it.

Chicken Cult

The chicken cult is something that one of my friends started because of her obsession with chickens. It lasted longer than she expected it to so I felt that she needed a website for it.

Gwommy's Game Listing

Here's a list of the video games that I have. This link will take you to my online GameFAQs.com game page. That should give you more than enough information for what I like about video games. There's even a section of games that I'd like to have but don't yet have. Although, some are probably going to be hard to find.

Gwommy's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stats and Grand Theft Auto 3 Stats

I re-created the menu from the game. It doesn't match up to the game perfectly, but it's close and it shows all my stats for the game.

Known World Dance Symposium 4

These are pictures of my trip to Texas for Renaissance dancing. Half the people pictured aren't actually from Texas either.

Ocarina Songbook

Here is a list of songs that I like to play on my ocarina. In order to read it, you'll have to download the font and save it on your computer(C:\Windows\Fonts).


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