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Gwommy's Room


Here's the North side of my room, move the mouse over something for a better description of what you are looking at.

North side of my room.


Here's the South side of my room, taken from my bed.

South view of my bedroom


Here's a better view of my entertainment center. My Entertainment Center There's two pairs of platform shoes here. My Bokshelf This is a mask for masked balls for my renaissance dancing. A giant purple feather-like weed. My dresser which holds all of my clothes There's my computer. It's a mirror hanging on the door. Hanging from the door knob are hair ties, necklaces and a big purple beany snake. This door leads outside, upon where my car is parked. You can see part of my purple computer chair. Here's my computer desk An ergonomics keyboard, I love it. The rug that you almost can't see. Here's my cute kitty, Mushu. A purple glass chess set that I have set up. A purple pumpkin, I used it for trick or treating last year. Thank goodness for the camera's flash, I didn't want anyone to be able to tell that this is an actual road sign. My Lara Croft calendar, That's a good picture of her, so I haven't turned the page since July of '99. That's just a giant purple candle. A small easter basket with empty purple egg shells in them. Those are the purple Christmas lights that go the way around the ceiling of my room.

My Entertainment Center, move the mouse over something important.


And finally, a better view of what I have on my bookshelf. This is my cute kitty cat, her name is Mushu. Hold some PSX games Holds my N64 games Container holding all my paperwork and stuff. The remote for the DVD Player My television, I can't remember if it's 27' or 32'? This cupboard holds all my Sega Saturn Games This cupboard holds all my Genesis and NES games. This is the box for the last game I was playing when I took the picture, Grand Theft Auto 3 Subwoofer that goes with the stereo. This is my NES, there is a Sega Saturn hiding on top of it. My PSX with a memory card in it. My PS2 with two memory cards in it. Sega Genesis SNES That's the last N64 game I've played, Pokemon Puzzle League. My stereo system The left speaker. My filing cabinet holding misc books and other games. The DVD player I used before my PS2. Sega Saturn The VCR Some PSX games, includes Resident Evils, Rally Crosses and Gran Turismos. Grimace, the beany baby. A piece of Amethyst Drikken, my wiccan dragon A pink panther, something I made in high school Kettle and broom My beautiful purple crystal ball A purple plastic goblet. Candles A purple beany baby iguana. A purple beany baby frog wearing a bow. Yep, that's Mario's head.

The Bookshelf Museum Caper, the only board game I have other than chess. My Crayole Crayon piggy bank. Site token for Pennsic XXIX A small purple bamboo flute. The entire first season of Magic Knight Rayearth DVD of Emperor's New Groove! My PS2 games:FFX, Gran Turismo 3,  Harvest Moon and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 A monkey that sings, "Rescue Me!" A money machine that sorts loose change The 2nd season of Magic Knight Rayearth This mirror is block most of the 2nd season of MKR2 My telephone books My Blackbooks for HTML, Java and Perl My Beginner's Guide to JavaScript My video game stategy guides for Tomb Raiders, Final Fantasies, Xenogears and quite a few more. My big dream catcher with many missing feathers because of the cat. That would be my computer desk, I'll have a picture for it soon. One of my purple duffle bags, full of misc stuff. A metal puzzle, 1 of 8 that I own. A dragon that was hand painted by my mom. Just an insence burner. A stick of insence. A big purple thermos. A chalk drawing that my friend made while we were in high school. A pewter dragon statue. You noticed this picture, eh?  It's my cousin, Terra, taken about 8 years ago. Various games and CDs. My entertainment center My bookshelf. My treasure chest, holds my extra electrical cords and over 30 controllers. Dark purple curtains, I made them myself! The entire ceiling of my room is lined with purple Christmas lights. My all-purpose purple back pack. Thank goodness for Air conditioners! My filing cabinet, holds misc books and other games. This mirror covers up all the crap that's hiding under my bed. My bed, with purple sheets and blankets. A stuffed teddy bear that wears a choker around it's waist.  He's been nicknamed the bondage bear. A big purple easter bunny chair, don't ask. Wolf Plate #1 Wolf Plate #2 A bean bag with stuffed animals on it, including a purple puppy who was accidently sun bleached blue. =( Just your everyday purple bandana. My purple carpet, or what's left of it since I have so much stuff in my room!


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