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Perplexing Puzzles

Donatello - Answer

Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I made this maze of Donatello when I was in 7th grade. Just because he isn't in color doesn't mean that he's not the purple turtle.

Bullet Bill - Answer

This maze was also drawn when I was in the 7th Grade. I had a fascination for the Super Mario Brothers back then.

The United States of America - Answer

This was a drawing that I did in 8th grade for a writing/picture contest. I can't remember what place I got, but I recieved $10 for it! Whoopie~!

The Skull Maze - Answer

I'm not exactly sure when I made this maze, but it was during highscool. I was influenced by a friend named Bob.

Beautifully Crafted - Answer

I'm pretty sure I drew this in my Sophomore because of my fond liking of the Secret of Mana.

The Fearless Warrior - Answer

I did this one my Junior year and made I made the grid a little smaller to add a greater challenge. It seems everyone just gives up and nobody makes it thru.

Where's Mr. Lemming

This is one of my favorites, it took me about a year to draw, but I didn't work on it constantly. Typing up the imagemap for it took me a lot of hours, so you'd better like this one! NOTE: You need to have your window to be at least 850x620 for the pop-up text to work correctly, but it'll still load on a smaller screen.

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