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Gwommy's Personal Profile

Birth Related Information
Name William Dale Holderman
Gender Male
Blood Type O Negative
Date of Birth Friday at 1:44AM on May 5, 1978
Hospital of Birth Butterworth Hospital
City of Birth Grand Rapids, MI
Mother Christena Hern
Father William Holderman

Physical Appearence
Birthmarks None
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length short(was 12-14 inches long)
Hair Style Straight/Wavy
Facial Hair Gotee
Piercings None
Tattoos None
Height 5 Feet, 6 inches tall
Arm Span 5 Feet, 7 inches long
Weight 128 pounds
Head 22 inches
Chest 33-34 inches
Shoe Size 9 or 9
Pants Size 29" x 32"

General Health
Broken Bones None
Smoker Never
Marijuana Used To
Acid I Tried It
Alcohol Very Rarely
I Don't Like Beer
Ran Mile 7 Minutes, 21 Seconds

Contact Information
Current Residence 842 Kent St
Portland, MI
Phone Number (517)647-2412
e-Mail Address
AIM Name Gwommy
Yahoo! IM gwommy
ICQ Number 13478174

Current Status
Nick Name Lord2 Gwommy Anpurpaidh
Marital Status Single
Religion No Preference
Home Page Gwommy's Purple Palace

Parents Divorced
Mother Christena L Giuliani
Step-Father Anthony F Giuliani
Father William J Holderman
Brothers None
Sisters April-3 years younger
Kimmy-9 years younger
Pets Kain (grey tiger striped cat)
Molly (black cat)

Favorite Foods
Restaurant Le Fondue
Type of Food Italian
Food White Chocolate
Meat Turkey Breast
Vegetable Habeneros
Fruit Cantelope
Candy Raisinets
Drink SoBe Red Tea
Favorite Places
Country Australia
State Oregon
Store e-Bay
Place To Go Dance Practice
Hangout On Internet
Favorite Communications
Language Gaelic
Book Beginning JavaScript
Website You Tube
Quote First Rule of Life:
"Don't F*ck Sh*t Up!"
Saying "Let me finger it out."
Words Yay! Dancing!
Favorite Audio
Radio Station (Anything but country)
Bands Ace of Base
White Zombie
Artist Enya
Audio CD Final Fantasy IV
Song Stupid Day Job
by Wally Pleasant
Dance Bella Gioiosa
Sound "Baaaaah!!" --Rabbids
Favorite Visuals
Type of Movie Romantic Comedy
Movie Ever After
Actor Joe Pecsi
Actress Drew Barrymore
Cartoon Magic Knight Rayearth
TV Show Buffy: Vampire Slayer
Character Fuu Hououji
Video Game Rock Band 2
Favorite Physical Stuff
Sport Dancing
Car Purple Ford Probe
Pet Cats
Animal Wolves
Flower Purple Rose
Favorite Miscellaneous
Color Purple!!
Number Seventy-Two(72)
Letter G
Male Names Bret
Female Names Rayna
Scent French Vanilla Candle
Subject Mathmatics

Lefty/Righty Left Handed
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Type of Computer Laptop
Instruments Played Ocarina
Singing Capabilities Very Little
Best Quality About Myself Persistance