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Gwommy's Purple Pile of Stuff

Color Key
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Clothing Articles And Accessories
Type Tag/Size Description
Baby Hat Toddler This was given to me by Guss as more of a joke. It was purple and she could afford it so she got it for me. It doesn't fit me though. It'll have to go to one of my kids if I ever have any.
Baseball Cap One Size Fits All It's a purple baseball cap with no logo on it, just the way I like them. Although, I don't usually wear hats.
Baseball Cap Too Small Simply Irresistable.
Beret Faded tag It looks like a painters hat. It also has new trim because the old trim had gold in it. The new trim is purple, black and silver.
Crown One Size Fits All This is just a cheap foam crown. Probably good for playing the Great Dalmuti.
Farmer's Hat No tag It's a felt hat. It kind of looks like something a farmer would wear. It has a big lip all the way around to help block out the sun.
Jester's Hat No tag This hat is black and purple with a bell at the end of each of the three points.
Santa Hat Custom Fit My girlfriend made me this hat for Christmas in 2006.
Top Hat No tag It's purple and white striped and resembles the hat from "The Cat In The Hat".
Winter Hat One Size Only Just a hat to keep my ears warm in the winter cold.
Yooper Hat One Size Fits Most I'm not the about the proper name for this hat, but it is a winter hat that I bought in Canada with ear flaps.
Dress Slacks By Alt Corporation Very bright purple pants, imported from Japan. I can't even read the label to tell you what it's made of.
Dress Slacks 29x31 by OakTree 65% polyester and 35% rayon. They are a very dark plum purple in color. I bought them on the internet.
Denim Jeans 28x32 by Levi's These are a little snug and starting to fray at the top and bottom.
Denim Jeans 30x32 by Wrangler These jeans are almost a burgundy-purple.
Denim Jeans Faded Glory These jeans are a deep plum in color and sit a little low on me. They are also not as long as the rest of my pants.
Denim Jeans 29x34 by Wrangler Very spiffy jeans. They are dark purple that slightly fade to pink near the seams. They are a little long but that's not a big problem.
Corduroy Jeans Missing Label These are big time hippie pants. The leg are extra wide all the way down. The color is more of a brownish-purple.
Cotton Jeans Size 8 by Gloria Vanderbilt These pants have a soft corduroy look to them. The only thing that I dislike about them is that there are only two pockets.
Cotton Jeans 29x32 by Ralph Lauren Very soft cotton jeans, looks almost like dress pants.
Pants Unknown They are Italian style pants, made from cotton and they tie up at the calves. They are very comfortable and easy to move in.
Pajama Pants By Joe Boxer Thin green/purple plaid pants, although the purple looks almost blue.
Tights Size S-M They look like purple and black jester tights. They are made of spandex so they are stretchy.
Tights Size S-M These are completely purple spandex tights.
Tights Size Small The are black and purple quarter paneled, cotton tights. These are probably more period than my other tights.
Tights Size Medium Very pretty purple, fuzzy, crushed velveteen tights.
Sweat Pants Size Medium by Chic Plum colored sweat pants that have two pockets and a white drawstring.
Sweat Pants Missing Tag These plum colored are a little bigger and there's a hole in the butt where the tag used to be.
Scrubs Size Small by Kathy Lee These purple pants are made from 100% pure silk. They seem to rip very easily.
Scrubs Size Medium My mom made these for me out of some snakeskin looking material. But it's not snakeskin because this material is really soft.
Scrubs Size Medium My mom made these out purple fleece and they are also very soft and warm.
Virtual Pants By Gwommy I made this from the left over material that was used to make my kilt. They tie in the front and back giving it the appearance that they are pants even though they aren't.
Virtual Pants By Gwommy These are the same as the pants listed above except I used purple leopard print fabric. It kind of gives it a Flinstone look.
Jean Shorts 31 waist by Guess Purchased over the internet. They are a little big, but that's alright.
Jean Shorts 31 waist by Levi Strauss & Co. Just an average pair of shorts only they are purple.
Denim Shorts 30 Waist by New Legends Another good pair of shorts with a nice shade of purple to them.
Denim Shorts 30 waist by I.O.U. Very nice shorts that are bright purple and were purchased over the net.
Shorts By Umbro Purple(kind of pink) and black plaid shorts that are reversible. The other side is all black.
Shorts Size M by Champion These shorts kind of look like what basketball players wear. They are made from nylon.
Kilt One size fits all An experimental kilt that I made out of an ugly yellow, blue and purple plaid. It turned out alright, but the only problem is that the material is too thin to actually wear it as a kilt.
Kilt One size fits all This is made from some pretty ugly plaid too. It's mostly blue, but does have some purple in it.
Kilt One size fits all A kilt with a nice purple, green and black plaid pattern. This is the first kilt that I've ever worn.
Sash One size fits all It goes with my purple/green plaid kilt.
Bath Robe Made in Thailand Made from Thai silk, it's a very thin and shiny purple with an interesting pattern to it.
Bath Towel 26"x48" by Martha Stewart I have eight of them lurking around. They are more of a faded lavender color. They were on sale and out of the dark purple when I got them.
Body Sponge N/A I use this for showering, it kind of makes me wonder why I have washcloths? Especially since I have 3 of them.
Hand Towel 16"x26" by Martha Stewart I've only got one of these and they match the bath towels I have.
Hand Towel 15"x25"  
Beach Towel 40"x66" It's a thin towel, but it's a pretty purple and very soft. It also says "Las Vegas" on it, so I'm assuming that's where it came from.
Beach Towel 52"x68" by Tropical Escape A very nice purple-striped towel. It's also very thick and very soft.
Wash Clothes 12"x12" by Martha Stewart I have four of them and they are purple, unlike the lavender towels.
Blazer By Alfred Dunner It's a nice dark plum, but it's a little too big for me. One of these days when I find time, I'm going to alter it to fit better. I got it at Good Will so if I ruin it, it's no big deal.
Jacket Size S by Basic Editions

It's 100% polyester. It zips up the front and has two small pockets. It also has two inside pockets big enough to hold a 2 liter of pop in each one.

Coat No tag My mom got it for me at some art show. It's a nice coat, but it's too short in the back so I tend not to wear it.
Coat Size L by FS Limited This was a $90+ winter coat that was on sale for quite cheap. Very fancy, the inner layer can be unzipped and taken out for days that aren't so cold.
Cloak By my Mom and I My mom wanted to make me a quilt, but I told her I didn't want one. We compromised on a quilt that could be worn like a cloak and I'm very happy with it. The outside has purple satin and the inside is a nice, soft, purple and green plaid pattern.
Cloak No tag This is a cheap cloak, but warm none-the-less. It's got two thin layers, the outside is a normal purple, and the inside layer is more lavender.
Cloak By Half Moon This is a very warm wool cloak. The bottom layer is black, but the top is a deep purple, almost plum. It also has four interior pockets.
Baja By Cuamatzi It's a dark plum color. I have no idea where I got it from and I never really even wear it.
Jerkin Size Small It's a nice purple leather jerkin, which is a renaissance vest.
Doublet Museum Replicas Limited It's a dark plum doublet, it almost looks like maroon so I tend not to wear it very often.
Doublet Custom Fit by Adele It's a nice purple corduroy material with black and silver trim and lined in pink. It's got a lot of lacing so it takes a while to put it on.
Doublet By Gwommy & Caroline My girlfriend at the time and I made this. I picked out the materials, cut out the pieces and did most of the buttons. She sewed most of it together. I think it turned out very well.
Doublet Size Medium It's a very nice purple doublet lined with black. And you get warm very quickly when wearing it.
Vest Size M by American Design A very nice leather vest of a rich purple color. I believe that Cowashee got this for me for my 26th birthday.
Shirt Size L by Van Heusen This is a long sleeved plaid shirt with buttons all the way up the front. The plaid is a funky looking purple, blue and yellowish-green.
Dress Shirt Size L by Studio-X Long sleeved shirt with buttons up the front. It's partly beaded and it makes it looks like some sort of retro 70's shirt.
Dress Shirt Size XXL by Eddie Bauer This shirt is short sleeved and a plum color. It's a little big, so I don't wear it very often.
Dress Shirt Size S by Canyon River Blues This is a long sleeved purple corduroy shirt. It also buttons up the front.
Sweater Size Medium by Knights Bridge It's a nice sweater that I don't wear very often.
Tunic Extra Long I've never actually worn it because I don't have anything that will go good with it.
Tunic Size M by Yogabond Imports This shirt has many shades of purple to it. It used to only be one shade, but has since faded in random spots. It's starting to look quite funky, but I still wear it quite a bit.
Tunic N/A A plain purple cotton tunic which is covered in paint, so I guess it's just a painting shirt now.
Gothic Tunic Unknown It's a plum color and has been worn so much that the words on the tags have completed faded.
Button-Up Shirt Size Small 100% rayon shirt, same color as my gothic tunic.
Button-Up Shirt N/A The tag only says 'ODO' whatever that means. It's more of a maroon color and has black spider webs all over it giving it a gothic look.
Button-Up Shirt Size M 15.5 by Montello Very dark purple and black with a type of floral pattern to it. It looks almost gothic.
Button-Up Shirt By Kookai Very soft, dark purple velveteen fabric, but it's a bit short on me.
Button-Up Shirt Size 14.5 SS by John Blair Polyester cotton blend. It's kind of thin and wrinkles easily.
Fishnet Shirt Made in Taiwan I've yet to wear it in public. I don't think that I have anything else that would go good with it.
Golf Shirt Size M by Winner Mate A mostly polyester shirt that a nice collar, 4 buttons in the front, and a left breast pocket.
Pajama Top By Gwommy I made this out of some purple leopard print material to match the virtual pants that I made.
T-Shirt Size L by Anvil This is a tye-dyed shirt that also has green and dark blue in it.
T-Shirt Missing Tag A light plum t-shirt with a breast pocket.
T-Shirt Size L by Fruit of the Loom It's a Mardi Gras T-shirt from Louisiana. My x-girlfriend's parents got it for me when they went down there in 2002.
T-Shirt Size S by North West Blue A very nice dark purple shirt though it's sort of frayed around the color.
T-Shirt Size L by Fruit of the Loom I got this shirt from work, it has a small logo on the front of where I work.
T-Shirt Size M by Basic Editions This shirt is a very beautiful shade of purple. It's also nice looking with a collar and two buttons by the neckline.
T-Shirt Size XL by Fruit of the Loom It's a Melting Moments Ice Cream shirt with a collar.
T-Shirt Size M by Fruit of the Loom This is another work shirt. This has a nice faded square on the back from when someone stuck a sticky gasket on my back. I never noticed it until after I washed it.
T-Shirt Size L by Fruit of the Loom This is a work shirt that I got for free for a suggestion that I made in the company that passed.
T-Shirt Size Medium It's a white shirt tye-dyed with purple and turquoise. It's way spiff if you ask me.
T-Shirt Size L by Hanes This shirt is tye-dyed with purple and only purple. It's very spiffy looking.
T-Shirt Size L by Hanes This is a tye-dyed shirt with purple, pink and black.
T-Shirt Size L by Gildan This is yet another tye-dyed shirt. This one is more of a raspberry color.
T-Shirt Size XL by Port & Company A dark purple shirt with a picture of a wolf howling at the moon.
Wife Beater Size L by Mtrapo This is a sleeveless shirt, see my other wife-beater for more details. This one is a just a darker shade of purple.
Wife Beater Size M by Fruit of the Loom This is a completely sleeveless t-shirt. The name comes from all the movies where the husband beats the wife, he is usually wearing a sleeveless white t-shirt, but at least mine is purple.
Sleeveless Shirt Size M by Mtrapo It's just a plain sleeveless shirt that covers more of the shoulders than a wife-beater covers.
Christmas Stocking N/A I have two of them, both of which are very nice and very purple.
Stockings One Size Fits All Hot Topic, purple, fishnet stockings that haven't even been opened yet.
Stockings One Size Fits All These are knee high stockings that are purple and green striped.
Stockings One Size Fits All These are knee high stockings that are just plain purple. I have these in case I don't feel like having green stripes. One of them has a hole in it though.
Socks Small I'm pretty sure these socks were hand knitted. They are purple and black striped.
Socks Small These are purple fleece socks and they sure can keep your feet nice and toasty warm.
Socks Small Very tiny and fuzzy purple socks. They barely make it over my heal.
Socks Small These were white socks. This was first attempt at dying something purple and I used some kind of spray. They aren't a very dark purple.
Socks Small These are plum socks that I just happened to pick up at a dollar store, they only had 5 pairs left in the store so I got them all.
Toe Socks N/A I bought these while I was in Australia. They are striped toe socks with three different shades of purple.
Cooking Mitts N/A Purple on the front with a purple grape design on the back.
Gauntlets Size Small These are black leather gauntlets that have two purple diamonds on each one.
Gauntlets Size Small These are completely purple leather gauntlets. Although, I'm not sure where the string is to lace them up.
Gloves Size Small I have two pairs of these. One is a dark purple and the other is almost lavender.
Gloves Size Medium These are okay for winter gloves, but still made of cotton. They are probably the best of all the gloves that I have.
Gloves Size Small Small cotton gloves with a cool sewing pattern on the back sides. They may be too small though since one of them kind of has a big hole in it.
Gloves Size Small This is a pair of lavender, leather, gardening gloves. I've not used them for gardening though.
Boxers Size 1X Purple and green plaid cotton boxers that are kind of long.
Boxers Size S by Tool Box These are silk boxers that are purple leopard printed.
Boxers Size M by Basic Editions Cotton boxers that have a funky purple, white and gray printed pattern on them. I also have two pairs of these and they are both identical.
Boxers Size M by Tool Box Nice silk boxers that has more of a plum color to them.
Boxers Size Medium These boxers are bright purple and made are 100% polyester.
Swimming Trunks Size S by Beach Break These are made of purple nylon and they even have a couple of pockets.
Underwear Size M by Encore I think that they were made for swimming in, but I don't think I'd ever wear them to go swimming in, I don't think that they cover enough.
Underwear One Size Fits Most This pair of underwear is almost border line to being pink. They look purple when you don't have something else purple by it.
Underwear No tag This is a purple pouch with a g-string. I don't think that they are the most comfortable pair of underwear in the world.
Shoelace Short These are bright purple shoelaces. I'm saving them for just the right shoes.
Shoelace Long These shoelaces are really long. They'll probably be used with black boots.
Boots Size 9 These boots are knee high and leather. Though only bad thing about them is that they lace all the way up and it takes forever to lace or unlace them.
Clogs Size 9 I guess they were meant for the garden.
Shoes Size 9 These shoes are steel toed. The color is actually more purple and black marbled.
Shoes Size 9 These are Nike shoes and I only paid $20 on e-Bay. Great deal if you ask me.
Shoes Size 9 These are Doc Martin's platform shoes. I like shoes that make me taller because I don't think that 5'6" tall enough.
Slippers Size 10 They are a little big, but still purple, even if it is a very dark purple.
Bota N/A This leather pouch is for carrying botas that are about 1 liter in size.
Sporran 8"x5.5" This is a dark purple leather pouch that is usually worn with kilts. This one just doesn't have any animal fur attached to it.
Pouch N/A I use this pouch as my shower bag, so it's a good sized pouch.
Pouch 3"x4" Small pouch I bought from a dollar store in Canada. It has an additional 2"x2" pocket on the front.
Pouch 4"x7" I rarely ever use this pouch, but it does look cool with the chain mail along the sides of it.
Pouch 5"x8" A small, soft pouch which I am using to hold excess leather that I have.
Pouch 12"x9" I use this huge leather pouch a lot. It can hold a fair amount of weight too.
Pouch 8"x9" Rosina gave me this purple pouch which she got from the first Known World Dance Symposium.
Pouch 6"x8" This is just a small, velvet-type pouch.
Ankle Bracelet N/A It has many thingies on it that jingle while you walk.
Bandana N/A It was made in the USA with imported fabric.
Bodice Size Small I borrowed it from a girl once so I could dress up as a female for Halloween. Then she said I could keep it.
Choker N/A It's a very shiny and a pretty purple, my teddy bear usually wears it.
Dress Size Small I got this dress for one of my x-girlfriends, but she wouldn't accept it.
Rope Long It's a nice rope, but it also has gold in it. I dislike gold. If I remember, I'll give it to Katriana at Pennsic.
Rope Long This is leftover rope from what I got to put up my pavilion.
Belt 2" thick This is just a simple leather belt that is a very deep plum that's almost not even purple.
Belt 1" thick Same as the belt above only this one is longer and thinner.
Hair Tie N/A At least I had 83 at my last count, I've probably lost a few since then.
Leather Hair Tie N/A Instead of braiding my hair, I braid this tie around my hair.
Tie By Red Zinfandel It's mostly black and gray with a touch of blue and purple.
Horns N/A These purple and black horns are just rubber and have an elastic string to keep them on your head.
Mask N/A I got a mask for the masked ball at Pennsic, it could use some more purple in it though.
Wings Large These look like a large pair of batwings made from purple crushed velveteen. It's worn much like a backpack.
Robe By Gwommy A very simple full body robe. It's more of a wizard's robe than a bath robe.
Scarf By Swannoc Handmade by Swannoc for me while we were dating. It alternates between purple and lavender.
Scarf By Terra My cousin, Terra, made this for me for Christmas one year. It's very soft.
Table Cloth 44"x76" I don't think that it's really a table cloth, but that's what I use it for. It has some nice Celtic knot work on it.
Veil 26"x26" Very thin purple veil that I'm not sure that I know what I'm going to do with it.
Stuffed Animals And Pets
Species Name Description
Bear Azure A purple and blue blended, little teddy bear. He was given to me by Lauren.
Bear Velveteen This bear was made from some sort of soft velvet material. He also wears a choker around his waist so he's been nicknamed the bondage bear.
Bunny Rabbit   Easter gift from my mother, it's more lavender than purple.
Car Violet This is my baby. She's very cute. She is a 97 Purple Ford Probe. I like her a lot.
Chocobo Giuius The chocobo is actually yellow like he's supposed to be. He is just wearing a purple outfit specially made for him by the Chicken Emperor herself!
Crane   A small peace crane folded out of purple paper.
Dragon Drikkan This dragon is actually a small statue. He's got bright blue eyes and sits around a rock with a pentacle on it.
Dragon Emerald This was my first dragon. He's dark green with purple wings, ears and horns. He's also got a white beard.
Dragonfly Amethyst This dragonfly is about a foot long with a clip underneath so that you can attach her to things.
Dragonfly Passion She was specially made for me. She is four foot long and I can twist her tail however I want.
Frog Pebble He is a small purple beanie frog.
Frog   He's a big froggy. I can't remember where I got him from.
Grimace Grimace A small stuffed animal toy from McDonalds. A girl at work gave it to me and has been bugging me to no end about getting it added to my list, so here it is.
Hippo Happy He came from McDonald's even though I don't eat there. I think I stole it from my little sister.
Iguana Guarana I like this guy, he looks sleek. Purple and pink polka dotted lizard that looks like he is ready to jump after his prey.
Lizard Gabriel This lizard has very little purple on him. He's actually rainbow colored, but I'm keeping him anyways.
Ladybug   A small, purple stuffed lady bug with black dots on her back.
Lizard Gizmo This is a beaded lizard that Gussika made for me for my birthday.
Lizard Guelph This is a just a flat lizard. He kind of looks like the lizard from the SoBe bottles.
Lizard Leebra This lizard is blue on top with yellow and green legs. Luckily his bottom side is completely purple or I wouldn't have kept him.
Lizard Gracca This lizard is completely purple with purple polka dots. It's my favorite lizard so I named him after one of my favorite dances, Gracca Amorosa.
Lizard Gelosia This is a green a purple lizard. Supposedly green and purple together means horny. Therefore he was named after a dance that means 'jealousy'.
Moose White Chocolate The moose itself is not purple, but she is wearing a purple dress.
Mouse Mozzarella This little mouse sits in my dash board of my car. I think it's pretty obvious how he got his name.
Panther Pink This panther is actually more pink than purple, so that's how he got his name. I made him myself out of clay back in high school. I also had a log that I made for him to sit on, but I lost that a long time ago.
Pokemon Pollywhirl A small Pokémon figure that I got from a Pop Tart box.
Puppy Dog   This dog is one of those head bobbing things.
Puppy Dog   This dog was purple, but the sun has faded him so now he looks just like Blue from Blue's Clues.
Snake Jake Jake is a small snake. He likes laying in front of the speedometer across the steering wheel in my car.
Snake Jimmy This snake is actually quite useful. He sits in front of the door and keeps the cold air from getting in.
Tiger Prowler He's a cute purple tiger with black spots. He's quite small so he's somewhat harmless.
Unicorn Unix I like fantasy horses as well as regular horses.
Unknown Ed Sybil the Wise made this and nobody knows what it is. I've been told by many different people that it was a squirrel, a chipmunk, a dinosaur, a Scottish terrier, or a cat.
Van Vincent A dark purple Plymouth Grand Voyager that I bought on e-Bay and flew to Boston to pick it up.
Worm Gleek One of my friends got this thing for me when they went to Mexico or where ever she went. It's got an afro and it's just weird looking, but still very cool.
Item Description
Answering Machine I got rid of my phone line so now it just sits and collects dust.
Black Light It's not actually purple, but it makes everything look like it while it's on.
Caller ID It goes with the phone and answering machine that I don't use anymore.
Cell Phone This is my means of telephone communication, not only is it cheaper, but you don't get all the stupid telemarketer calls.
Christmas Lights Each strand has 50 purple lights on them and I have four strands. They are aligned all the way around the top of my room.
Controller Nintendo 64 game controller, my friend gave it to me because it was broke, but I tore it apart and switched casing with the blue controller that I had.
Digital Camera Not only is it a camera, but it's a digital one. But it doesn't take very good pictures.
Digital Music Player It can play mp3's and record sound, but at a very poor bit rate.
Dome Light A small portable dome light. It takes 4 'AA' batteries.
Game Boy Color I think it's cool that there's a game system that is purple.
Game Cube Another purple game system, I wouldn't want it any other way.
Handheld Slots Game It's a cheesy game, but it's still cool just because it's purple.
Lava Lamp I used to watch it for hours or until I fell asleep.
Memory Card A purple memory card for the Playstation that doesn't even work anymore.
Palm Pilot Well, it's only purple if you hold it in the light just right.
Stop Watch I can wear this watch at work because it clips onto my pants.
Telephone This also collects dust all thanks to those wonderful telemarketers that bugged the hell out of me.
Vacuum I got to have something purple to vacuum my purple carpet with.
Watch A watch that I never wear because I'm not allowed to wear watches at work.
Web Pages My web pages are purple and they are mine, so I had to include them somewhere.
Item Description
Address Book Used to hold addresses, but I keep my addresses on my laptop.
Backpack I use this mostly for carrying things in and I pretty much take it with me everywhere I go.
Basket A small wicker basket, it's got flowers in it right now.
Box This box is in the shape of a star.
Candle Holders These are for 4 inch long candles.
Cash Box It's a small metal box which I use to hold excess change in.
CD Case Holds 96 CD's. I use it for holding my video games.
CD Case A smaller case than the one above that is used for music in my car.
Containers Two small plastic containers that I use to hold my Game Boy games.
Cooler Keeps my beer cold...err...wait a minute, I don't drink beer!
Duffle Bags I have two different ones. One holds all my fabric, the other holds the books I never read.
Folder Contains many old drawings some of which date back to Middle School.
Garbage Pail A small garbage pail for my room, it was on sale at Meijers.
Gift Bags They are just small gift bags, purple and shiny.
Jar A glass Halloween jar that had candy corn in it.
Laundry Basket On sale at K-Mart for only $5!
Lunch Cooler What better use for it than using it to take my lunches to work.
Medicine Pouch A very small pouch which has components that are secret to all except me.
Money Pouch A very small pouch for holding spare change.
Pencil Box Even thought it's a pencil box, there aren't any pencils in it.
Photo Album Purple with stars on it. It doesn't have many pictures in it, but I'm getting there.
Piggy Bank Cleverly disguised as a giant Crayola crayon...Ooops, I gave it away...
Pots Two clay pots that don't have any plants in them.
Suitcase It's a somewhat small suitcase. I use it for most of my travels and my cat uses it to take naps in while it's empty.
Totes One holds important paperwork while the other one is for not-so important paperwork.
Tools And Utensils
Item Description
Air Freshener It's a purple-scented air freshener for my car.
Blood Counters Pieces for a Live Role Playing Game which I haven't even used.
Brush Do you really think I'd brush my hair with just any old brush?
Click Eraser For people that make a lot of mistakes, but I've barely used it.
Clip A cheap spring clip, I finger if I don't use it then it won't break.
Clothes Hanger Unfortunately, it's not the most sturdy clothes hanger in the world.
Clothes Pins My friend stole these from the neighbor's yard for me.
Crayon I stole this crayon from TGI Friday's in Ann Arbor, but actually, according to the button I have, it was mine anyways.
Dice I have many various sizes and different sided purple dice.
Drum A very small leather drum.
Feather Fan A feathered hand fan, it works quite nicely.
Feather Pen It's purple and glittery, but it doesn't write very well.
Flashlights One is a cheap one, another is a mini flashlight, and the last is a heavy duty Mag-Lite.
Flutes I have a couple of different ones, but only one of them works rather well.
Glass Cleaner I didn't even know they made this stuff in purple.
Handcuffs I couldn't help myself. There were lined with purple, what was I supposed to do? Not get them!?
Highlighters I have a small one and a wider one.
Horn It's like a tricycle horn, but I don't have a tricycle to put it on.
Incense Burner For burning the long sticks of incence.
Jack Knife Only the handle is purple, not the blade itself.
Life Saver Since I don't swim, I figure I'll need it one of these days.
Lighter A simple purple lighter used for lighting candles or incence.
Mechanical Pencil I'm still looking for a .03mm purple mechanical pencil, but I got a .07mm and two .05mm pencils.
Mouse Pad This is where I play with the computer mouse.
Nail Clippers This is the second pair of purple nail clippers I've had. All the paint wore off on the first pair that I had.
Ocarina One of them I played so much that it doesn't work anymore, the other is a small, 6 hole, sweet potato ocarina.
Oil Lamp I've never used it before. I guess it's just on my shelves for looks.
Paint All purpose, acrylic purple paint.
Paper Clips I found them at work, so they're mine now.
Pens One them has black ink! I think I was jipped! My favorite pens are the purple Pilot pens.
Permanent Marker There's nothing like something that's purple permanently.
Pick A very dark purple pick for my hair, not a guitar.
Rubber bands One will occasionally show up at work every so often, I don't know where they come from, but I'm going to start keeping them.
Scissors I have 5 pairs of scissors, I guess you can't ever have enough.
Stapler The only time I use it is during tax time.
Tape Measure It's only 12 feet long, but it's still purple.
Toys And Knick-Knacks
Boomerang I haven't thrown it to see if it actually works or not. It's more for display as a souvenir from Australia.
Bottle I use it as more of a knick knack because I use drip candles in it.
Bouncy Balls Bouncing balls that resemble pool balls, #4 and #12.
Buttons Two that say "I Love Purple" and one that says "Anything Purple Is Mine, Everything Else Can Be Dyed Or Painted."
Candles Candles of various sizes and shapes.
Castle A glittery, ceramic castle.
Chess Set Half the pieces are purple, the other half are clear glass.
Crystal Ball How many people do you know who has a purple crystal ball!?
Dance Figurines A gift I received for teaching dance in Canada.
Dragon Candle Holder A nice purple dragon that sits on a rock.
Dream Catchers A couple of them have been attacked by my cat.
Fiber Optic Ball A small fiber optic crystal ball that I got at Border Wars in Ionia.
Fiber Optic Dragon A small dragon made of fiber optic material.
Fox's Foot It was cheap and purple, so I got it.
Great Dalmuti It's a fun card game and the backs of all the cards are purple.
Grim Reaper He's actually an incence burner, but I love his purple robe.
Pentagram No, this has absolutely nothing to do with worshipping any devils!
Picture Frames I have a couple of various purple picture frames sitting around my room.
Playing Cards Not only are they playing cards, but they are also Buffy playing cards!
Rabbit's Feet What can you say about the rabbit if these are considered lucky!?
Rocks Pieces of Amethyst, I think.
Rubik's Cube 2x2 A small keychain sized Rubik cube with one side colored purple. I got in Australia.
Rubik's Cube 4x4 A bigger Rubik's cube from Australia. I'm afraid to turn it at all for fear of not being able to get it back to the solved state.
Sun Catcher Hangs from my car's rearview mirror.
Tarot Deck A tarot deck featuring Mage, a live role playing game. Given to me from my friend, Chad, for Christmas.
Wizard A small figurine of some old fart in wizard's clothes.
X-Box My X-Box is now modded with purple stickers. Nice, shiny, reflective purple stickers now cover the top and front of my X-Box.
Bean Bags Both of them sit on my bed because there's not room for them anywhere else.
Bunny Chair A giant purple bunny that you can sit on, but only if you're small enough.
Carpet Let's just say that it matches the rest of the room.
Chair I got it delivered to my front door, it was beautiful!
Curtains Three sets of curtains I made for my windows.
Folding Chairs I have two different sizes, one is for toddlers. The other has arm rests and a drink holder.
Painting A very talented friend painted it of me for me using water colors. Click here to see.
Pillows I saw them in the store and couldn't help but to buy them.
Rug It almost blends into the carpet that it's laying on.
Sheets Bed sheets made of purple satin.
Sky Chair It generally hangs in the middle of my room, but I often take it down since it takes up so much room.
Stool A small stool or chair made from what looks like someone with a bad hair.
Kitchen Supplies
Item Description
Butter Knives Came in set of four and are plastic.
Cereal Bowls I have four which I let my family use and they're pretty much ruined now.
Cups Small plastic cups which I have 8 of.
Drinking Bottle It's more of a sports bottle that you would have on your bike. It holds about 24oz.
Forks Set of four forks, but they are plastic and only have 3 prongs.
Glasses These are short drinking glasses. I have four of them.
Goblet It's a plastic purple goblet. I've love to find a non-plastic purple goblet though.
Ice Cream Scoop It works really well, especially for being so plastic.
Mug A pretty mug with stars and the sun on it.
Plastic Plates Four large ones and four smaller ones.
Plates They are actually Cobalt Blue, but they look purple to me.
Salad Bowl At least I think that it's a salad bowl, it's quite big.
Serving Spoon It's a very big serving spoon. I think it may have been made for really big people.
Spoons They came in a set of four and look more like soup spoons.
Spray Bottle It's a small spray bottle that almost looks like a snowman.
Thermos I bought it because I needed it, but I still haven't used it yet...
Tumblers These purple cups hold 22oz. of liquid.
Bells Jingly bells that I want to jingle when my door opens, but they keep falling.
Binder This binder holds a copy of Rose N' Nefer, a renaissance dance guide.
Books I have various books that are purple that are about religion, dreams, and video games.
Bow Ties Regular bow ties. One of which is tied around Ed's neck.
Bowling Ball No, I'm not a good bowler, this ball doesn't even have any finger holes in it.
Bunny Furs I got all three of them through e-Bay.
Charm It is said to have mystical powers.
Checkbook A purple leather checkbook that I bought at a Ren Fair.
Doily It's small, but I made it myself when I learned to crochet.
Easter Egg Shells These eggs had the guts sucked out of them and they were dyed purple for me.
Egg It's not a real egg, just a plastic one from Easter time.
Fabric I got quite a bit of purple fabric, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it all.
Feathers I have a few various feathers lying about besides the ones in the dream catchers.
Filip's Friendship String My old one was too small, so he made me a newer, thicker one.
Flowers Don't worry, they aren't real.
Glitter Oooo~! I haven't used any yet...What needs to be glittered?
Glittery Hair Spray So I can spray purple glitter into my hair, but I haven't tried to yet.
H Just the Letter 'H'. It's actually supposed to go on my key ring.
Hair Piece Looks like a wig, but it's worn like a hair tie.
Ink A bottle of purple ink that I got when I wanted to do calligraphy.
Journals I've started 3 or 4 of them, but I never end up getting past page 4.
Key Chain Surprisingly, I have no purple keys on this key chain.
Lamborghini So sue me! It's only a picture of one, but I can still dream about it.
Leather Some very soft purple leather, I think it's deer skin or something.
Necklace It's made of hemp, I have no idea where this even came from!?
Paper Rabbit Someone folded it up for me out of purple paper, and I don't even know who the guy was that made it for me.
Pillowcase I think I had two, but I lost the other one or something.
Rose This plastic rose is made from purple plastic spoons.
Soap A bottle of San Francisco Bath & Shower Gel, Freesia scented.
Spider Webs Two bags of purple spider webbing for Halloween.
Velveteen It was $4 dollars a yard in Missouri, I couldn't resist.
Wax Powder Candle These are funny, it looks like rice but you poor it in a bowl with a wick and it burns like a candle.

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