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What Is The Chicken Cult?

The Chicken Cult is a group of people that admire chickens even if it is just a little bit. There are no chicken gods that you have to worship. There are no services that you have to attend. Perhaps a short story of how the cult got started is needed.

The story begins with that of a young lady. This young lady was very beautiful, yet she was very shy. She lived out in the country on a farm so she didn't really have any friends. Although, because she lived on a farm, she could always play with the chickens that were much more interesting than the cows.

She became very fond of the chickens, and the chickens became fond of her. She wanted to have them as house pets, but her father wouldn't allow it. Hurt by her father's decision, she then decided to collect chicken items such as knick-knacks and stuffed animals so she could have them in the house.

It didn't take her long to become completely obsessed with chickens. At first, her father thought it was just a phase that she was going through, but the obsession continued to grow. Her father then became somewhat worried about her.

Her father began to think to himself what could have caused this strange behavior. After much thinking, he finally figured out what he thought was the cause of the problem! He thought to himself, "She must be in a cult! A chicken cult!"

That evening the father sat down with daughter to talk to her about it. He told her about the cult and that she could no longer be part of the cult because cults are bad. Little did the father know that he was actually feeding her mind with some interesting ideas.

She thought to herself that a chicken cult would be a wonderful idea. She realized that she could govern the cult and run it however she likes. She could make the cult good for all chicken lovers. And thus the chicken cult was born. The father that tried to prevent this from happening just made it worse...

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