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What Is The Chicken Cult's Ranking System?

The cult has four rankings. Rankings are determined by the tasks you preform. The list of rankings and how to achieve those ranks are listed below. If you are listed on the member page and your ranking is listed incorrectly, then let the emperor or empress know and your rank will be adjusted accordingly.

List of Rankings

1. Chicken Poop

The rank of Chicken Poop is set aside for those that aren't good enough to be an actual chicken. Anyone classified at this rank seems to either be unable to make a chicken noise or just too much of a chicken poop to do it. Most cult members skip over this rank.

2. New Hatchling

This is the most common rank. Almost all newcomers to the cult enter at this rank. In order to recieve this rank, you must be able to make a chicken noise. Even something as simple as saying, "Cluck," is acceptable. The crowing of a rooster would also be accepted and it's much more entertaining to listen to.

3. Dancing Chicken

This rank is for the real chicken lovers. If you are able to do the chicken dance in front of the emperor or empress then you will be awarded with the rank of the dancing chicken. You do not need to do the dance to music, although it is recommended.

For some bonus points, you can cluck while you dance it.

4. Funky Chicken

The final rank in the chicken cult is that of the funky chicken. It will take much more than just skill alone to be able to achieve this rank. You will need to dress up and wear a chicken costume. The devoted chicken cult member should be able to cluck and do the chicken dance while wearing a chicken costume.

Also, if you have an extra chicken costume just laying around the house, you could donate it to the emperor for she does not yet own a chicken costume.

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