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Who Is In Charge Of The Chicken Cult?

Emperor Judda

Emperor Judda is the cult leader. She does most of the gathering of cult members. Any changes made within the cult must first be accepted by her.

Empress Gwommy

Empress Gwommy is the second empress of the cult. The first empress was sent away. As empress, he also has the power to invite new members into the cult. And since he has knowledge of web design, he is also to maintain this website.

Imperial Pet Betty

This is the imperial pet. She is a very spoiled chicken. She always gets whatever she wants. Though, she may need bodyguards to protect her from any chicken nappers.

Arch Bishop Eginolf

The arch bishop is the founder of the cult. It was his idea to actually have a cult. His main duty in the cult is to help assist the emperor with the gathering of more members.

Cult Mascot Vincenzo

Every cult or guild has to have a mascot. To no surprise, a chicken was selected for the job. Vincenzo has a couple brothers and sisters whom are co-mascots. Their names are Giovanni, Luciana, and Veronica.

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