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The Unofficial Saltatoris Guild Mascot

Ferdinand The Duck


Here is a picture of the badge that Ferdie wears:

Ferdindad the Duck, our unofficial guild mascot, generally watches us dance upon his thrown above the music box. His badge explains it all. He truly does winess our insanity, especially when we completely mess up a dance. Though, it is still fun so we continue to dance. It's not called 'practice' for nothing. Below is a picture of Ferdie laughing at us as we all have a good time.

Other than watching us at dance practice, Ferdie also enjoys coming with us to events on the weekends. Below are some pictures of Ferdie as he joined us at Pennsic 33 in Pennsylvania.

Shown above, Ferdie sits in the entrance way of a Midrealm group's camp site.

Here, Ferdie overlooks the battle field as the fighters beat each other with sticks.

Ferdie's Friends

Ferdie also has friends, believe it or not. His friends also enjoy watching dance and will occasionnally fill in as dance partners. His friends are pictured below in alphabetical order.

Betty is a chicken, she loves to watch. As a matter of fact, Betty is watching you right now.

Giulius is a chocobo. He is in his fancy garb. He likes to dance on people's shoulders.


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This page was last updated on May 17, 2009.