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Saltatoris Dance Guild Charter



The Saltatoris Dance Guild was established in August 1998. Its express purpose is the promotion of dance including, but not limited to, knowledge, instruction, and performance. Its members are dedicated to the pursuit of Renaissance dance and strive to better themselves in this art form.

Potential Membership

Membership to the guild is by invitation only. You do not need to be a member to dance with us, as everyone is welcome to dance. When an interested party has attended ten dance practices and can perform three dances, he or she may approach guild members expressing an interest in joining the guild. If guild members feel that the candidate is indeed dedicated to the pursuit of dance, an invitation to join will be extended.


To maintain active status, a member must participate in at least one demo or performance a year and in at least three dance practices in any three-month period. If a member becomes inactive, it is requested that he remove the ranking insignia from his badge. If he becomes active again, he will be allowed to resume his rank provided he can still accomplish the proficiency-based requirements. If he is unable to meet those requirements, he will be dropped to the rank with the proficiency requirements he can meet. A member will be considered resigned from the guild after a one-year period of inactivity, unless there are extenuating circumstances and the guild is so informed.

Honorary guild membership will be granted on an individual basis by a 75% vote of the active members. Honorary guild members are those individuals who wish to be formally associated with the Saltatoris Dance Guild but, for whatever reason, do not wish to participate in the ranking system. They are entitled to wear the guild badge without ranking insignia.


There are five ranks within the guild. New members will automatically be placed at the Novice level. At this time, the member may display the guild badge. When a guild member feels he or she has achieved the next rank, he needs to present his case to the guild. Advancement will be granted if a majority vote of the guild members so deem it. Any teaching requirement must have been witnessed and approved by at least two guild members in order to qualify for the rank.

Ranked guild members are entitled to embellish their guild badge as follows: a blue aventurine for novice, a blue aventurine for novitiate, a silver pearl for acolyte, a gold pearl for journeyman, and a bell for magister/magistra.

Gratias Award

The Gratias Award is commonly known as the Pearl. It is a tangible way of saying “thank you” for whatever the giver wishes to publicly recognize. Pearls are added to the recipient’s guild badge according to his own tastes.

Award of the Grove and Purple Fretty

The Award of the Grove was presented to the Saltatoris Dance Guild by Her Majesty Alys at the Tournament of the Rose on June 2, 2002. The Award of the Purple Fretty was presented by Their Magesties Brannos and Rebekah at Val Day on February 12, 2005.The guild badge may be embellished with these awards.

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