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Guild Member Roll Call


Here you will find a list of current members, along with their rankings and standings within the guild. Dancers are listed in order of elevation within each rank (and then alphabetical order if date of elevation is the same).

Guild Member Ranking Last Status Change
Michaela de la Chesnaye des Bois Magistra 8-13-1998
Rannulf D'Aubraye Magister 4-30-1999
Gwommy Anpurpaidh Magister 3-25-2005
Fionnuala inghen hAirt Journeyman 1-23-2009
Tacie of Birchwood Journeyman 1-23-2009
Eginolf von Basel Acolyte 4-23-2004
Cecilia Della Rosa Acolyte 7-30-2004
Eloise Mousebane Acolyte 7-30-2004
Lidia Best Acolyte 6-24-2005
Laoise Acolyte 6-22-2007
Lucia Greenstone Novitiate 9-4-1998
Cairell O'Conaill Novitiate 1-25-2002
Pomeroy Novitiate 6-24-2005
Arabella Novice 7-28-2006
Angharad Novice 10-27-2006
Elizabetta Novice 10-27-2006
Anna Novice 2-23-2007
Anthoinette Novice 2-23-2007
Franzistus Novice 2-23-2007
Danielle Novice 2-29-2007
Kestral Novice N/A
Melody Honorary N/A
Raven Honorary N/A
Shlep Honorary N/A
Capt'n John Honorary N/A

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This page was last updated on May 17, 2009.