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Saltatoris Swingin' Soireé
Saturday, May 14, 2011
3:00pm Until All Dancers Drop

Saltatoris Dance Practice
116 North Bridge St
Dimondale, MI 48821


Dancing! Dancing! Dancing!

See the Ball List

Time (3:00pm-All Night)

Dancing will be on Saturday, May 14, 2011. We will be having two balls. The first one starts when site opens at 3pm and will last until about 5:30pm, at which point there will be a break in which the Saltatoris guild members will provide a potluck feast. There's also a nice little diner or a couple pizza places if you so choose. The second ball will be after feast. If we still have dancers and get to the end of it, then we'll take requests afterwards.


The site fee will be $7 per person. The $7 site fee includes hors d'oeuvres, dinner, and dessert revel.


The event will be held at the Saltatoris Guild Hall in Dimondale, Michigan. The address is listed at the top of the page, directions can be found below.


See the map below. Follow the yellow roads in the direction of the purple arrows. Once you get into Dimondale, you can't get lost. The Saltatoris builing is on the north side of the Bridge St and Washington intersection. There is parking available on both sides of the building as well as curbside on Bridge St.



TH Lady Michaela de La Chesnaye des Bois (Michel DePriest), 6768 Davis Highway, Grand Ledge, MI 48837; 517/622-0813 (no calls after 9 pm);

For more information, feel free to contact Lord Gwommy.

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