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Tetris was born by Alexey Pajitnov. The name came from the greek numerical prefix for four(tetra) and Alexey's favorite sport(tennis).


Tetris -IBM

I couldn't find much about this other than the fact that it came out in 1986 for the IBM personal computers. I did manage to find a picture which looked alright. All of the pieces had their own color and it counted how many pieces you used for each piece.


Tetris: Soviet Challenge -Mac

From the pictures I found, it looks like this Tetris actually had a picture in the background. It didn't appear to keep track of how many pieces you've used though. It also looks like it only used 4 or 5 colors, so the pieces don't look pleasing at all.


Tetris -Apple II

This Tetris came out originally for the Apple II. Despite the horrible sound that it makes, the board is not the normal size. The playing field is 12x23. The standard field size should be 10x20.

Tetris (Atari) -Arcade

This Tetris came out as an arcade machine. A standard tetris game that could be played with one or two players. You could also choose your difficulty. On the hard difficulty, random blocks would come up from the floor.

Tetris (Sega) -Arcade

This is also an arcade machine. The title screen isn't as impressive as Atari's. It is also only for one player. I'm not sure about the difficulty settings since I've never played this version, but I'd say it's inferior to Atari's Tetris arcade machine.


Tetris (Tengen) -NES

This was a great Tetris in my opinion. It had 2-player availability. You could play at the same time, or together sharing the playing field in a cooperative mode. The same options apply for playing with the computer. There's also an 'intermission' between levels where little people come out and dance for you. Due to license issues, this game had to be removed from the shelves. I'm lucky enough to own one of the original copies though.

Tetris -NES, -Gameboy

Nintendo released their version of Tetris for the Nintendo Entertainment System and their Gameboy. In my opinion, neither one was as good as Tengen's version of the game. There was not a 2-player option for the NES version. You could play 2-players on the Gameboy if you have two Gameboys and two Tetris cartridges. These games had two mode that you could play, the standard(Type-A) or a sprint mode(Type-B).

Flash Point (Japan) -Arcade

In this variation of Tetris, your goal is to clear the line that has the flashing brick in. This can be played with 1 or 2 players.

Tetris (Japan) -Genesis

This was scheduled to be released in Japan, but actual production was canceled and was later released in the Tetris Collection. It could have one or two players and played the standard Tetris, a time trial, or cooperative. It also had a special piece called the item block. I'm not sure what exactly it is supposed to do though.


Tetris II -Apple II

You would think that Apple II's second attempt at Tetris would be better. Although it does look better, it uses irregular shaped pieces and the noise sounds completely horrible. The worst part about it is that I can't figure out the controls at all!

Bloxeed -Arcade

This Tetris spin-off adds item blocks to the playing field. You get the special items by clearing the row that they are in. The items can do a variety of things to help you. One item clears four lines for you, another item push blocks down to fill in gaps. My favorite would be where a bird flies in and drops single bricks where ever you push the button at. This game can be played with two players.

Tetris Plus (Japan) -Arcade

Originally released to be exclusively for arcades in Japan. It contained the classic Tetris mode as well as a puzzle mode. In the puzzle mode, you had to get the professor, who is walking around the playing field, to the bottom of the screen my clearing lines out from underneath him.


Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Japan) -NES

This was released in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The music does not resemble anything russian, it insteads sounds more flowery, like you were in a zen garden in Japan. It does contain 3 modes of the standard Tetris as well as introducing a new blast mode with small bomb pieces that explode when you clear lines.


Tetris Classic -PC

This is as the title suggests. Just a classic version of Tetris. The one background image I've seen from the game looks like a combination of the renaissance with Catholics.

Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss (Japan) -SNES

This Japanese release on the Super Nintendo seems to be the same as the one they released on the regular Nintendo. Other than the obvious better graphics and improved sound, they removed the Bombliss editor from this version of the game.


Tetris Blocks From Hell -PC

I suppose this is a decent Tetris remake as long as you don't mind the lack of sound. There is also a psychedelic background that scrolls in all sorts of directions which can be cool, but also a distraction while you're trying to play.

Tetris 2 -NES, GB

This version of Tetris is almost not even Tetris at all and it's not that much fun, unless you are a huge Dr. Mario fan. This Tetris mode is often referred to as flash mode. Although the pieces are still technically tetrominos, they are not always connected. Each square is one of three different colors and you must line up 3 squares in a row of the same color to delete them. The game does make more realistic use of gravity for the most part.

Tetris Gold -PC

This is actually a compilation of quite a few Tetris games for the PC. The games included in this bundle are Tetris prototype, Tetris, Tetris Classic, Super Tetris,Faces...tris III, Wordtris, Welltris, Tetris Classic for Windows, and Super Tetris for Windows.

Tetris Battle Gaiden (Japan) -SNES

This version of Tetris is a battle mode where you play against the computer. It has a cast of strange characters that seem to have their own special abilities. There's not too much that I can tell you about it because it's in Japanese and I can't read it.


Tetris And Dr. Mario -SNES

The classic game of Tetris on the same cart as Dr. Mario. You can play one or two players and one player can play Tetris while the other plays Dr. Mario.

Tetris 2 -SNES

This is the basically the same as the Tetris 2 with the flash mode that was released for the NES and Gamboy in 1993. Even on the SNES, it still isn't a very fun 'Tetris' game.

X-Tetris -PC

This is probably the most interesting variation of Tetris that I've ever seen! Instead of blocks falling, there are naked people in different sexual positions. In order to clear them, you need to match the opposite genders to eachother that forms a feasible sex position. Then those two people will disappear from the screen. Probably not a game for children.

Super Tetris 3 (Japan) -SNES

This Tetris is very appealing with sound and graphics. I like how it calls out single, double, triple or "TETRIS!" when you clear lines. It also includes Sparkliss, which is similar to Tetris Blast, except it uses lightning bolts instead of bombs. The only downside to the game is the Magicliss version, which I'm not even sure I completely understand. You rotate the pieces between three different colors and if you make a line with all the blocks in the row of the same color, then it gets rid of all blocks of that color. I guess the challenge comes after the pieces start falling too fast for you to rotate them all to be the same color, so in the beginning it's very easy and quite boring.


Tetris Attack -SNES

This shouldn't have been given the name 'Tetris' at all. It doesn't use tetrominos at all. Instead, the board is filled with different colored blocks and you switch places with blocks sitting side by side to form rows of 3 or more of the same color. Although it's not really Tetris, it is extremely fun and addicting. This is one of my personal all-time favorite games.

Tetris Blast -GB

Bombs are the big twist in this Tetris version known as blast mode. Your tetrominos fall with bombs pieces in them. If there is a bomb piece within any lines that you make, then the bombs go off destroying the blocks, otherwise the blocks remain there and your line is not cleared. I find the fun part of this game is the battle mode where there is an enemy running around your playing field and you have to kill it by damaging it with the exploding bombs.

Tetrisphere -N64

I really liked the concept behind this game. The playing field is a huge sphere and you have to eliminate blocks to get to the glowing core in the center. The problem with the game is that it wasn't very fun, in my opinion. You lay pieces down and you can move pieces in the sphere, but you can only move the pieces that match the one that you're about to lay down. When you lay your piece down and it touches two or more pieces of the same shape, then they all disappear.

Tetris Plus -GB, PSX, Saturn

Tetris Plus introduces a 'puzzle' mode. In this mode you basically have to clear lines out to get the professor(who is walking around your playing field) to get to the bottom of the screen. Although it may seem like a puzzle in a puzzle game, I find it quite annoying because basically, your just filling in gaps to get the screen to go down, just like do in the standard Tetris after you make a mistake.

3-D Tetris -Virtual Boy

I've only ever seen a Virtual Boy once. I wasn't at all impressed by it, and I wasn't impressed by the videos I've seen for this version.

T-Tris -Lynx

For the number of Tetris games that have came out before this one, this is not an impressive Tetris game by any means.

Tetris X (Japan) -PSX

This Playstation game has the standard Tetris mode. Other than that, the only new thing introduced is that you can have 4-players if you have the 4-player controller adaptor.


Tetris Plus 2 (Japan) -Arcade

This is just like Tetris Plus as described above. In addition, you can instead select the professor's assistant. She moves faster than the professor. There are also additional obstacles that get in your way.


Tetris DX -GBColor

This portable version of Tetris was my favorite for quite a while. It was fully colored, smooth animation, good play control and it did well with speeding up the blocks as the fall. It also has a profile system that keeps track of how many lines you've completed a number signifying how much Tetris power you have.

Magical Tetris Challenge -N64, Arcade(Japan)

The new feature here is all of the irregular shapes. Some pieces are as large as a 5x5 square. It is available for 4 players as well.

Tetris: The Grand Master -Arcade

This is a fairly standard Tetris game for the arcade. It can be for one or two players. Probably the only different about this version is the music is quite different, it's got a wanna-be-trance style to it.

Super Acid Block Attack -PC

This version is also known as Acid Tetris. It's a standard Tetris game for DOS. I don't know why it has to have nice, long, fancy name like that. At any rate, there is nothing special about this verion of Tetris, but it is pretty good for beig a free DOS game.

Tetris 64 (Japan) -N64

Of course, with this title being for the N64, you know it has to be for up to 4-players. Other than the standard classic mode, this game also includes a giga mode, where large tetris pieces can be broken down into smaller ones. The other variation is bio mode. It is the only game that makes use of the bio sensor. You connect the bio sensor to your ear and the pieces fall according to your heart rate. The higher your heart rate is the faster the pieces fall.

Tetris 4D (Japan) -Dreamcast

Quite honestly, I'm not sure why this version is called 4D. Judging from the reviews and videos that I could find, it seems to be a fairly standard Tetris. Perhaps the '4D' comes from the fact that it can be played with 4 players? Although, the music is spiced up a little bit, taking the older Tetris tunes and turning them into electronica or techno.


The Next Tetris -PC, PSX

The next Tetris introduces a cascades mode. Basically, it just adds gravity after the blocks have been placed onto the playing field. This allows you to clear extra lines after the lines that you cleared have disappeared. And almost always, it also include the standard Tetris mode.

The New Tetris -N64

Another favorite of mine. This Tetris added the square mode to the game. Here you are able to form 4x4 squares using the tetriminoes. When the Squares are cleared with a normal line, you get 5 or 10 line clear points instead of 1. There is also a side objective to make 1,000,000 line clears. As you get closer to that number, then more backgrounds and music options open up for you. You can play with up to 4-players and the lines that they clear count towards your one-million lines.

Icon Tetris -PC

This is a Columns type of game rather than a Tetris game. Instead of bricks, you a given tiles with Windows icons on them. Line up 3 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

JavaScript Tetris -Interet

It's not a very fun Tetris and the controls are a bit wonky. The playing field is also only 10x16. The normal size of a Tetris playing field should be 10x20.


Magical Tetris Challenge -GBColor

This Tetris game appears to have 7 different versions of Tetris. It feels like you play this one by yourself, but you're actually playing against the computer. There is a meter that shows you how high the computer's pieces are stacked. The objective is to make the computer lose so that you win. This game also has a story mode where you wander around as a disney character looking for other people in the game to play tetris against in order to win their coins.

Tetris 2600 -Atari 2600

This is one of the worst Tetris versions that I've ever seen. You sure can rotate the pieces fast though. I believe this was made just to prove that the Atari 2600 could support a Tetris game.

Tetris -Intellivision

This is not nearly as bad as the Atari 2600 version mentioned above, but I believe this was created for the same reason, to prove you could run a Tetris game on the Intellivision game system.

TetriBox -PPC, PC, Mac

This game has some very interesting variations. It makes tetriminoes with squares(like normal Tetris), but also triangles and hexagons. This means that the shapes are slightly different making the player have to learn new strategies for good block placement. Other modes included in this game are block, mosiac, picture, pentix, and column modes.

Pic Tetris -PC

Pic Tetris is basically just the picture mode of Tetris. The only difference is that you need a certain number of points to get to the next level. You can also buy a personalized version of this game that shows your picture while you play.

Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura Eternal Heart (Japan) -PSX

The only mode in this game is the Sakura mode. I'd prefer to call it jewel mode. The objective is to clear all the lines that have jewel block in them. That's it.

Sega Tetris (Japan) -Dreamcast

Here is another version of Tetris where I can't read Japanese so I don't know what versions of Tetris are in this game. I can tell you that the monkey is annoying and the sound effect of the Tetris pieces makes you feel like you're at a construction site.

Tetris The Absolute: Grand Master 2 (Japan) -Arcade

Grand Master 2 has two modes: normal and master. Normal mode should be self explanitory. Master mode just grades you on how well you play. In versus mode, you are given item blocks that give you special one-time-use abilities when cleared. The items will either help you or hinder your opponent.


Tetris Worlds -GBA, PC

Finally, a good compilation of some of the different Tetris modes. Tetris Worlds includes modes such as classic, sticky, cascade, hot lines, squares, and fusion. Cascade mode is from The Next Tetris, Squares is from The New Tetris. Sticky is similar to Cascade mode except that pieces of the same color stick to eachother. Hot Lines requires you to clear lines at a certain height and Fusion has these little fusion blocks which you must place together. The Gameboy Advance version gets away with the absolute minimal requirements to get all of these versions of Tetris to work. I can't find sufficient information to speak for the PC version.


Tetris Worlds -Gamecube, PS2, X-Box

Everything listed in the Tetris Worlds description above this are also in these versions of Tetris Worlds for the Gamecube, Playstation2 and X-Box. It also include Minos, which are block type creatures. As you complete the game, the game opens up different traits for you to customize your own personal Mino with.

Quadra -PC

Quadra is very close to Tetris. Actually, it's almost identical to the cascade mode. You can change options like turning the ghost piece on or off or listen to a CD that's in your disc drive. Online play over the internet is also available. The coolest feature with this game is that is saves your gameplay for each of your high scores so you can replay it and watch it anytime you want. You can even download the world's highest scores and watch their gameplay too.

Tetris 1D -Internet

Do you think that Tetris is difficult? Are you an absolute beginner and want to learn how to play? Tetris 1D is the easiest of all of the Tetris versions. It's so easy even a caveman can play it.


Absolute Tetris -PC

This tetris has a very 3-dimensional look to it. It has two versions. A standard Tetris with extra power-up items and a 'color' version, which very much resembles Columns without the gravity. Don't attempt to play it if you get sea sickness easily. The graphics are very water based and the playing field hovers up and down as well as side to side as if it was floating on the waves of a lake.

Minna No Soft: Tetris Advance (Japan) -GBA

This is a fairly standard Tetris game. You can play two players if you have two games and two Gameboy Advances. The only thing worth mentioning here is the challenge mode. You can select between a number of challenges and your goal is to complete that challenge as fast as you can. I'm not sure what the challenges are because I run into the problem of not being able to read Japanese again.


Tetris Elements -PC

This to me sounds like a most interesting game. Yet, somehow, I never knew this game existed until I started putting this website together. I'm going to look into purchasing this version so that I can write more about it with some game play experience to back me up.

Advanced Tetris -PPC

This has a few different kinds of Tetris. It has standard, color(see Absolute Tetris from 2003), pentix, and a kid's version. From what I could find, Pentix has a creator and destroyer which creates or destroys any piece you want. I can't quite picture how that works. The kids mode adds a 2-block and 3-block pieces to the normal tetriminoes.

Eczetris -PC

This is a very small and standard style of Tetris. When playing this version, you just have to be aware of what the repeat rate of your keyboard is. If it is too high or fast, you could power drop more than one piece with the single press of a button.

Tetris Game Gold -PC

This is a decent version of the classic game of Tetris. You can select different graphics for your blocks and change the skin color of the background.


Challenger Tetris -PC

The unregistered version only has two modes available: challenge and destroyer. In challenge mode you are given tasks to complete. In destroyer, you just have to clear all the black blocks. The registered version includes panic and bricklayer modes, but I don't know what they are.

Tetris: The Grand Master 3 (Japan) -Arcade

The Grand Master 3 has three modes: easy, sakura and master. Easy mode is the standard Tetris. In Sakura, your goal is to eliminate all the diamond blocks on the screen. The master mode grades you on how well you play.

Tetris: The Grand Master Ace (Japan) -XBox360

This Tetris has many different variations. Besides the normal Tetris, there is also high speed, death, double, eraser, level star, match, and target. High speed drops the pieces really fast. Death drops the pieces instantly and then as you play it shortens the delay of how long it takes the piece to lock into the board when it hits the bottom of the screen. In eraser mode, you just have to clear lines at a certain height. I'm not sure what the other modes do. This can also be played online against other players.


Tetris -iPhone, iPod

This is a very standard version of Tetris that can be played on your iPhone or iPod. It doesn't work on all iPods, so make sure that your iPod is compatible before you try buying it. It does show your next 3 pieces though.

Tetris -PPC

This is a basic Tetris game that works on quite a few phones. It has the standard Tetris that you can play endless, 40 lines, 2 minute sprint, or 3 minute sprint. It does show a fall shadow as well as the next 6 pieces and you can hold a piece.

S-Tris 2 -PC, PPC

Of course, this includes a standard version of Tetris. It also has a maniac mode which is Tetris with pieces that have anywhere between 2-9 blocks in them. Most pieces have between 4-6 blocks. I'm not sure if there were any 7 block pieces, but there are a lot of pieces to work with in this version.

Industrial Tetris -PC

This Tetris seems to use picture mode as it's main style of gameplay with the graphics having an industrial theme to them. The demo version does not let you play for very long. If you purchase it, supposedly you get 99 different levels(or pictures) to play.

Tetris DS -NDS

Yet another awesome compilation of Tetris games for the Nintendo DS. These modes include the standard Tetris, mission, push, touch, puzzle, and catch. Some of these versions makes good use of the touch-screen on the DS. It has excellent multiplayer capabilities as well for playing with up to 10-players. You can also get on Nintendo Wifi and have Tetris battles with up to 4 players. Special item blocks are available for you to attack your opponent with. There's almost nothing that this game doesn't have.

Tetris Collection (Japan) -PS2

This is actually a small collection of Tetris games. It comes with a standard version of Tetris, Flash Point from 1989, Bloxeed from 1990, and the never actually released version of Tetris for the Genesis from 1989.


Tetris Evolution -XBox360

This Tetris contains many of the classic modes as well as cascade and hot lines. It also introduces eraser and go-low modes. In eraser mode, you just have to clear lines at a specific height. Go-low requires you to keep the block as low to the ground as you can. This can also be played against other players online.

Tetris Splash -XBox360

This version of Tetris can be purchased on X-Box Live Arcade for 800pts($10). It's a standard Tetris with marathon and 40-lines modes. You can play a survival game with up to 4-players, last person to die wins. It also has online play against other players in which you can play with up to 6-players. When playing online, you can choose teams, free-for-all or play for a rank. The only downside to playing online is being able to find other people that are playing it online. The biggest feature in Tetris Splash is the fish tank screen saver. I'll admit, it looks cool on my 50" TV screen, but I'm not going to leave my TV on just for that. If that's not enough, you can also buy more fish online! Sounds like a good deal to me(yeah, right!).

Tetris Zone -Mac, PC

It looks like a alright game, but still pretty basic. It has the usual marathon, timed and sprint modes. It also includes a master mode which drops the pieces instantly. You can see your next 3 pieces and it has a hold option.

Tet-A-Tetris -PC

An interesting variation of Tetris. Instead of 4 block pieces, it only uses 1, 2, and 3 block shapes. The trick to this one is that you have two playing fields and you control both of the falling pieces on both screens at the same time. When a piece locks into place, the other piece finishes falling and locks into place at the same time so you're always controlling both pieces at the same height.

2D Play Tetris -Internet

This Tetris is free to play online, but I think there's a reson for it. It's not that great. There's no hard drop button, the soft drop is slow, and the pieces rotate counter-clockwise.


Tetris Party -Wii

There are a large number of different modes in Tetris Party which probably makes this version one of the best. Modes included in the game are balance, beginner, standard, cooperative, duel spaces, field climber, hot lines, shadow, stage racer, time trial and tournament modes. It also supports playing against other people online, but it could have done better with giving more options for online play. You can use the Wii-mote pointed at the screen to move pieces left and right. Although, I still prefer to hold it like a regular controller.

Blockles -Interet

You can play this Tetris online with up to 7 players in battle mode without having to download and install any programs on your computer. There are item blocks that can be turned on or off by the game host before each match starts. Items can be used to clear your screen or give your opponents garbage. You may have to sign up for an account to play Tetris on their website, but it's free. But if you love playing Tetris against other players, then this will probably be the best waste of your time.

Tetris Pop -PPC

Supposedly, this is supposed to be an awesome Tetris with 17 different modes of play. Those modes are vanilla, ball, circuit, detonator, erosion, filler, flood, furnace, ledges, limbo, magnetic, meteor, replicator, scanner, split, stacker and touchdown. It seems that all of the modes more like mini games though only lasting a minute or two. Although I think that it's a decent game, it's not really that exciting. Most of the mini games can be easily beaten. Trying to attain the 'feat' for each of the modes can be a little tricky though. The biggest flaw in my opinion is how long it takes the game to release your next piece. Finally, having the controls on a touch screen takes a little getting used to.

Tetris Friends -Internet

Tetris Friends can be found online to play for free. It uses the standard Tetris rules. The only difference between the different versions is how long your game lasts, or how many computer players you play against. You also earn points when you play and you can use those points to purchase different skins for your Tetris pieces. There is also a Facebook application for Tetris Friends. This has about the same game modes, except you don't earn points and can't buy skins. Instead, it ranks you against your Facebook friends according to your score for each type of Tetris mode that it has to offer.

Arcade Convoy 3.0 -PC

I would have to say that I'm lucky I found this one. It was originally made in 2001 and was called TetriCon and it has just kept getting upgraded over the years. It is now actually 6 games in one. One of the games is Tetris which they call shape shifter. There are over 30 modes, most of which are very similar. Most of the variations also involve 2 or more falling pieces at the same time. There is a mentor mode which I'd suggest for new Tetris to learn good placement of their pieces. Another interesting thing about this game is that the walls wrap around eachother. So if you push right when your piece is against the right wall, it will appear on the left wall.

Retro Sabotage Tetris -Internet

This website made three versions of Tetris. You may have to scroll down a little to find the links to these Tetris games, but it is free and funny to check out. The first version is just funny as it mixes Tetris with Duck Hunt. The computer plays Duck Hunt while you play Tetris, and yes, sometimes the computer will hit your falling pieces and they will be destroyed. The second version is just a matter of getting 20 lines. Any line you get doesn't disappear, but merely falls to the bottom of the screen and you just have to fill up the screen. Compromise is the last version which is the most interesting because you have two playing fields and two pieces that fall and you control them both at the same time.


First Person Tetris -Internet

This is sort of first person Tetris. Instead of the piece rotating, the entire board rotates around the falling piece. Other than that, it looks like the Nintendo version of Tetris from the NES.


Tetoris -Internet

This version of Tetris has a very, very, very wide well. I've read about people spending about 25 minutes just to make a single line. Tetris -Internet

This is a pretty good version of Tetris which adds a special piece which is a single brick that destroys everything it touches all the way to the bottom of the well. There's also options to turn on or off other oddly shaped tetrominos.


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