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In Ansteorra

What would dancing be like if we didn't have musicians? Uldarich on the right was also there for the dancing late at night.
During court, Del, from Lochac, and Adele performed a dance called Chiara Stella in honor of Ansteorra. The dance was done on a yellow background and by one couple in black garb to represent the black star in Ansteorra's banner. And for the record, Adele is actually from the Middle Kingdom, not Lochac.
Of course, no dance event is complete without Uncle Sion. Though, he's always got that look like he's wondering what that wierd contraption is that I'm holding in my hands?
Here we have Tsire and Etienne who were just talking because dance sets at Friday's ball. I thought Tsire was wearing a very nice dress. And Etienne is just being strange, he's usually wearing a bit more purple than that!
Here we have Master Del dancing Ballo Del Fiore with Katrina in the first dance at the Caroso Ball Sunday evening. I'm also not sure if I have her name right, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
Starting the line for Black Alman in the Caroso Ball is Fritz and Tahara. I love the fan that she's holding, of course it's hard to see with such a small picture resolution.
Also dancing in the Caroso Ball, we have Emily and Janelyn. Emily, Darius and I started a game in Petit Vriens to see how many arches we can go under. So far, it's 11 times with 4 repeats of the music. I lost count of how many arches we went under and how many repeats were played at the Caroso Ball. I'm also quite impressed with Janelyn as for the number of dances she can dance despite her handicap.
Ahh, yes...Lowrie and Philip. Philip was the host of the event. I'd say he did a fine job with everything. Lowrie...well, she came up with the really nice solo for Gracca Amorosa!
And the best part about any event is trying to make Katriana laugh while she's playing music. She doesn't like the camera very well as you can see here, but it did end the very long Quen Quer Que dance that she was playing for. It was funny during the hoppy chorus in Bizzaria when I was tying my boot laces and still doing the hops though.
Unfortunately, every good event has to have an end. Though most of the plane trip home was very cloudy and we flew through a storm, I was quite reluctant to find that it was clear over Chicago and it was dark enough to see how the city lights up at night. It was very cool to see.

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